Singer’s Portable cries out After Lekki attack, damages artist’s eye in the process (Video).

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Habeeb Okikiola, the Nigerian singer famously known as Portable, is causing a stir on Twitter due to an incident in Lekki.

In a widely circulated video, the artist behind “Zazoo Zeh” can be seen lamenting an attack by members of the “Aiye” cult in the Lekki region of Lagos, Nigeria. Recounting his experience while traveling back to Sango, Portable explained he was in Lekki to shop for his artists’ clothing when he was unexpectedly assaulted.

Portable recounts a harrowing incident where he and his companions were brutally attacked, detailing how one of the assailants injured his artist, causing blood to flow from the artist’s eye.

Despite the ordeal, the singer vowed to seek revenge when the attackers arrive in Lagos. He also expressed hope that the blow his artist received would serve as a stepping stone to propel the artist’s career to greater heights.

Portable emphatically declares his unwavering stance, affirming that he will return to Lekki without hesitation or surrender.

Watch the video below;

Here are some of the reactions:

  • @accoladehh: It’s time for people to put a stop to these actions. We should strive for improvement.
  • @engrpopey: Ever since he dropped “Zazu,” he’s been on a roll.
  • @toyor_: Portable and Wahala are inseparable buddies.
  • @BenOfMadrid14: The blows keep landing, and he keeps dishing them out. 😂😂
  • @aideinfluence: Family matters are their own issue; it’s fellow zoo members who attacked him. No hard feelings.
  • @olamideseun96: Why does Portable seem to always be a target for attacks? Let’s all follow each other, please.
  • @KingOpeOfAbj: “Aiye” means life in Yoruba, right? So life attacked them?

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