“Having Jide Kosoko As My Father Has Had Negative Effect on My Career”: Veteran’s Daughter Temi Speaks Out

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Temilade, a rapidly emerging content producer and actress, who also happens to be the youngest daughter of the esteemed actor Jide Kosoko, recently shared in a discussion with Legit.ng that linking her accomplishments to her father is a major source of discomfort for her.

In the course of our conversation, she emphasized that the majority of her acquaintances in the film and entertainment sector are individuals she connected with independently, rather than relying on her father’s influence.

Here are the specifics from our dialogue with Temi.

In the interview, Temi shared that completing her education in six years instead of the usual four was a significant relief for her.

The Creative Arts graduate mentioned that she had to navigate through various challenges, including COVID-19-related delays and project completion hurdles. She stated:

To start with, I’m relieved to have completed my education in six years, even though it was initially planned for four. As for life after school, it’s still quite similar since I’ve just transitioned out of it; therefore, I can’t provide many details about what lies ahead. I’ve had prior experience in the industry, but now the main distinction is that I’ll have more time to dedicate to my career.”

The influence of having Jide Kosoko as my father has brought both positive and negative effects to my career, Temi reveals.

Throughout the interview, it became evident that this topic was sensitive for her, as her tone shifted. Initially, Temi hesitated to discuss it, but we continued to inquire.

It’s a complex narrative; I’d prefer to delve deeper into this privately. Being Jide Kosoko’s daughter has brought about both favorable and unfavorable outcomes for both me and my career. On the positive side, it has facilitated improved networking opportunities, even though I’ve personally established connections with most individuals rather than relying on my father.”

She went on to explain, “My dad rarely introduces me to anyone. I’m not fond of when people associate me or my achievements with my father.”

The difficulties I encounter as the child of a well-known celebrity.

Temi, Henrietta’s daughter and the last wife of veteran Jide Kosoko, revealed in our conversation that she deeply misses her mother. She also discussed the challenges that come with being the offspring of renowned Nigerian celebrities like her parents.

I often express that being a celebrity’s daughter has had negative effects on me. People tend to form misconceptions about me based on that, assuming I’m arrogant. Even before I get a chance to show otherwise, they treat me with attitude. In various situations, like at work, revealing my connection to Jide Kosoko leads to unfavorable treatment and attitudes from others.”

Continuing her thoughts, Temi discussed the elevated expectations that accompany being an actor like her parents.

“Regarding being showcased or cast in films, there’s often an anticipation for extra effort. Even if you execute flawlessly and secure the role, you might encounter comments like, “Oh, she only got it due to her connections.” This isn’t accurate, as I genuinely exerted myself to earn the role. Admittedly, the reputation associated with my name does earn me a fair amount of respect

Veteran actor Prince Jide Kosoko brought joy to numerous fans and followers as he reacted in a video alongside his daughter, Temi Kosoko. In the video, Temi, a content creator, playfully inquired what her father’s response would be if she was offered money to slap him. His lighthearted reply was that he would encourage her to slap him twice.

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