Eniola Badmus shares new video of Olakunle Churchill and Rosy Meurer to debunk rumours of marital crisis

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Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has refuted rumors concerning a marital turmoil involving Olakunle Churchill and his wife, Rosy Meurer.

Recent reports circulated, particularly by Naijalegit, suggesting a possible rift between the couple. These reports were centered on allegations of infidelity and domestic issues.

In a detailed Instagram post, the blogger known as Gistlover insinuated that the couple had separated due to issues related to infidelity and domestic violence. The blog claimed that Olakunle Churchill had been absent from home and had mistreated Rosy. The assertions further proposed that Rosy was the primary financial provider in the family, despite the online accolades she extended to her husband.

According to the blog, Churchill’s involvement with another woman was the primary catalyst for their disagreements, with him flaunting his new companion publicly, leading to embarrassment for Rosy.

To manage the situation on social media, the couple reportedly decided to refrain from airing their marital concerns online. Churchill’s family was also purportedly making efforts to salvage the marriage.

In response, Eniola Badmus shared a video on her Instagram story featuring the couple at their residence in Ikoyi. The video was date-stamped on a Tuesday at 1:09 am, with a geo-location indicating Ikoyi. The video portrayed Rosy Meurer attending to her son’s hair while her husband, Olakunle Churchill, stood by her side. This clip aimed to reassure fans that their marriage remained strong.

Olakunle Churchill’s relationship timeline

This marks Olakunle Churchill’s previous marriage, which ended due to his union with a woman named Bimbo. This former marriage resulted in a child, and he was also in a relationship with actress Tonto Dikeh.

His relationship with Tonto Dikeh faltered for similar reasons: allegations of domestic violence and insurmountable differences. Despite Churchill’s public denials, Tonto detailed her experiences and claims in a comprehensive video. In this video, she accused her ex-husband of being involved in online scams and rituals.

Tonto Dikeh asserted that Churchill had paid individuals to discredit her after she disclosed the domestic violence she had endured. Additionally, she accused some of her acquaintances of betraying her for monetary gain.

Responding to a post on Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Tonto remarked, “The agony of being branded a liar after summoning the courage to speak out and exit an abusive marriage/relationship is truly excruciating; it leaves a profound scar.”

It’s worth recalling that Tonto Dikeh had accused Rosy of causing disruption in her household, asserting that the latter had engaged in a relationship with her former husband.Read more

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