“Don’t See Me As Your Helper I’m Just A Human-being Like You”- Fuji artist Saheed Osupa Says As He donates N500,000 to veteran actor Bankefa, who is battling a stroke.

Written by fazazy39

Fuji singer Saheed Osupa showed his compassionate side by coming to the aid of veteran actor Bankefa, who has been struggling with a stroke.

The actor had reached out for help, revealing that his movie project had left him in a crippling debt that led to his health issues.

Despite his pleas to colleagues and well-known personalities like Funke Akindele, Eniola Badmus, and Pasuma, Bankefa hadn’t received any assistance. Hearing about his dire situation, Saheed Osupa decided to step in.

The generous Fuji artist, known for his philanthropy, contacted Temi Sobola Blog and requested Bankefa’s account details. He then transferred a substantial sum of N500,000 to the actor.

In an update posted by the blog, it was revealed that Saheed Osupa’s donation came after the video of Bankefa’s plea had circulated.

The actor had encountered financial troubles due to a virus-infected master copy of his movie, which had led to his stroke and severe debts. Saheed Osupa’s timely contribution has made a significant impact in helping Bankefa during this difficult time.

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