“ Don’t Let Your Daddy Reap You ooo”- Portable Tell A 4years Old Boy As He Gift Him A Huge Sum Of Cash For Singing Almost All His Song In Public (Watch).

Written by fazazy39

In a heartwarming display of kindness and gratitude, Portable, a prominent Nigerian musician celebrated for his lively and melodious tracks, recently touched the hearts of many. He showcased his generosity by gifting a substantial sum of money to a young boy who passionately sang his songs in a public setting.

Captivated by the boy’s talent and fervor, Portable was genuinely moved by the gesture and opted to acknowledge the young fan’s dedication with a rewarding gesture. This heartening incident unfolded in a public venue, where a young boy took it upon himself to perform renditions of the singer’s cherished songs.

Infused with passion and rhythm, the young boy brought to life Portable’s tunes, exuding his undeniable enthusiasm. The singer observed him closely, recognizing the boy’s skill and resolute commitment. As the boy’s performance concluded, Portable approached him, surprising him with a significant sum of money—a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the musical tribute.

For a glimpse into this touching moment, you can view the video below:

Check out the social media reactions below:

  • Chris.ray09: The moment my friend saw money, his voice got a major boost! 😂❤️
  • harrrry: His energy skyrocketed after that cash reward! 😂😂
  • Therayztv: They should create an Instagram page for this talented kid. He’s a star in the making! ⭐️
  • Lekeyzy: Portable’s lyrics are easy to sing along with, not some kind of intricate incantations. 😂 I’m not mentioning names.
  • Chickychic.ng_: The father must be so proud… if anyone dares to mess with that child during this period, beware! 😂

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