Things Are Getting Better For Me Since I Meet Her, Comic Actor Ijoba Lande Finally Reveals Reason Why He Loves Aunty Ramota So Much (Watch).

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Comic actor Ijoba Lande recently opened up about his deep affection for collaborating with the renowned actress Abiola Atanda, popularly known as Aunty Ramota.

In a TikTok video, Ijoba Lande shared that he feels an inexplicable connection with Aunty Ramota, which seems to bring their destinies together, both on and off-screen.

Their chemistry and comedic timing have resonated with countless fans, making them a beloved duo in the comedy scene.

“I have not found anyone else I act with that trends better than me and Aunty Ramota,” Ijoba Lande expressed.

“Our destinies work in sync, and there’s a unique connection between us that defies explanation.”

The reason why Aunty Ramota can never remove her underwear cloth is undisclosed.

Aunty Ramota, the adored comedic actress from Nollywood, has taken the internet by storm with her latest quirky escapade.

The renowned comic content creator surprised everyone by donning a white wedding gown while inside a box, all in preparation to visit her husband’s residence.

Despite her petite frame, this bold choice of attire has sparked uproarious laughter among her fanbase.

The delightful contrast between her size and the elaborate wedding gown has resonated with her fans, resulting in an outpouring of amusement.

Indeed, Aunty Ramota’s latest antics have become a social media sensation, eliciting numerous reactions and laughter from users.

Her exceptional ability to seamlessly blend her unique brand of comedy into her personal life has solidified her position as a beloved figure within the Nollywood community.

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