“I Repeat I Want to Live Longer Than Barrister, please Pray For Me Today As I Celebrate My Birthday”- Fuji Musician Dr Saheed Osupa•

Written by fazazy39

Popular Fuji singer, Saheed Osupa, is joyously celebrating his birthday today. He took to his Instagram handle to express his gratitude to God for another amazing year and thanked Him for blessing him with yet another fruitful year.

🎉🎂 Happy birthday to him! 🎉🎂

Believe me, coming from a turbulent beginning and reaching this height hasn’t been easy. Life’s unpredictability has led me through numerous ups and downs, swinging like a pendulum from back and forth to left and right. It has been a challenging journey, starting from my neighborhood in Ajegunle and stretching to the world.

Along the way, I have faced troubles from all sides, embraced by the arms of struggles, wrapped tightly in the blankets of hardships, knocked down and crushed, but I never gave in. Despite being smashed and stomped on, the jazzy Jackie always danced to the rhythm of jazz music with resurging Fuji jives.

At one point, I found myself immersed in the confusion of hardships, wondering why things became tougher as I tried to reach higher heights. Yet, I never let go of my dream, knowing that growth often arises from tough times and struggles, just like stormy rains precede the appearance of a beautiful rainbow.

Throughout these challenges, I realized that God never abandoned me. His merciful eyes were always upon me, and He consistently turned situations in my favor. It has been a rollercoaster ride, and I can’t help but feel emotional when reflecting on these experiences.

My current position and accomplishments are a testament to God’s grace, fervent thoughts, and unwavering spirit that guided my mind. I’ve experienced significant positive growth in my life, and reaching this point serves as undeniable evidence that God is very much alive.

God’s faithfulness has been unwavering, and I believe that the work He started in my life will undoubtedly be completed.

Happy Birthday to me, with gratitude and excitement for all that lies ahead!

Happy birthday from Naijalegit

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