“Hilarious Moment Davido Runs From Magician Who Reveal Correctly The Lady He First Kiss”

Written by fazazy39

In a viral video circulating online, the renowned Afrobeat superstar Davido playfully evades a magician who astonishingly guessed the name of the lady he first kissed.

The video showcases the psychic’s attempt to challenge and impress Davido with some impressive magic tricks.

The magician began by asking Davido how he would react if he revealed the name of the lady he first kissed. In response, Davido expressed disbelief, exclaiming “taaar!”

The psychic then instructed Davido to think of that lady in his mind, promising to disclose her identity.

Within moments, the magician astonishingly revealed that the first lady Davido had his first kiss with was named Sarah.

Davido, completely taken aback, screamed in surprise and quickly fled from the scene in amazement.

The humorous scenario sparked reactions from netizens.

@tino9n_tv playfully remarked, “Baba japa before the psychic starts listing the names of the upcoming baby mamas 🏃 😂”

@tonyflex said, “E shock Davido, see how he runs 🏃🏽‍♂️”

@kaarid commented, “Bro be doing too much; why run that far?”

@yurey_bae said, “Baba run before he hears the names of his future baby mamas on the way 🤣”

@gov_stanleyy reacted with a humorous tone, saying, “He ran before he was asked about how many sugar mommies he has 💀”

Watch The video below:

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