“it is only through God’s grace and mercy that our journey to success can thrive.” -Actor Olasunkanmi Akanni Says As He Glorify God For His Life.

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Today, the acclaimed Yoruba actor and film producer, Olasunkanmi Akanni, widely recognized as Olohuniyo, graced Instagram with a striking photo of himself, accompanied by uplifting words of encouragement.

On his Instagram, he shared stunning photos of himself, along with a heartfelt prayer imploring God to let His grace and mercy flourish in our lives.

He penned: “Let’s not search too far 💨

God’s grace and mercy are the sole fuels that can propel our journey to success. Happy Sunday! 💕💕

Sending a tranquil voice of peace ✌️”

“congratulations to Iyami,” Actor Olohuniyo expressed as he celebrates Joke Jigan’s marriage to her baby daddy.

Olohuniyo, the esteemed Nollywood Yoruba actor and filmmaker, shared his heartfelt congratulations with his fellow industry colleague, Joke Jigan, as she joyfully tied the knot with her long-term partner at the Ikoyi Registry today. He took to his Instagram page to commemorate the occasion, sharing a delightful snapshot of the radiant couple.

In the enchanting photograph, they exuded sheer excitement, showcasing radiant smiles that illuminated their faces. Joke Jigan, an accomplished Nollywood actress, filmmaker, movie producer, mother, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and influencer, looked resplendent in a stunningly designed black gown, perfectly complemented by her husband’s sleek black tailored suit.

This momentous occasion calls for a grand celebration, and Olohuniyo extends his warmest congratulations to Joke Jigan, wishing the divine presence of God to dwell within their home, guiding and blessing their union.

Their impeccable style and grace in the photograph epitomize elegance and joy.

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