Actress Peju Johnson expresses her belief that good men might be rare, but she remains hopeful that the right man for her is out there and will find her soon.

Written by fazazy39

In the face of challenges such as failed marriages and the scarcity of good men, Nollywood actress Peju Johnson remains optimistic about finding her life partner and building a family. During a recent interview.

she passionately expressed her love for family, her desire for marriage, and her eagerness to have children.

Despite acknowledging the difficulty in finding a good man these days and the increasing number of broken marriages, Peju firmly believes that there is a suitable partner out there destined for her and is confident that she won’t remain unmarried forever.

She also revealed that she would be open to reconciling with a partner who abandoned her and their children, if it meant prioritizing the well-being of their kids.

While considering the possibility, she clarified that her motivation for reconciliation would be solely for the sake of their children’s happiness, rather than for the partner or herself.

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