Actress Laide Bakare Reply A Very Rich Man Who Asked For Hand Of Her 14years Old Daughter In Marriage With Funny Answer.

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba movie actress, Laide Bakare, took the time to address a fan’s comment about paying her 14-year-old daughter’s bride price on her Instagram post.

In a direct and straightforward response, she informed the fan that her daughter is only 14 years old, advising him to wait until she’s older before considering such matters.

On her Instagram page, a fan boldly commented, “How much is your bride price? I’m coming to pay as soon as possible.

“However, the actress swiftly responded, saying, “She’s just 14 years old, wait.

Don’t come yet.”

Laide Bakare’s talent has garnered her a substantial following on social media, contributing to her increasing fame and popularity among her fans.

Her remarkable skills as an actress have played a significant role in her rising success.

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