“The Bride I Wish To Have Since” Yomi Fabiyi bravely Shows his feelings for Funke Akindele, expressing his love and admitting to the loss he feels.

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Nollywood actor and Filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi, openly professes his love for his senior colleague, Funke Akindele.

On his Instagram page, Yomi shared a throwback photo of them from a movie set years ago and called for celebrating their “wedding anniversary.”

He expressed that their relationship has been founded on pure love, referring to Funke as the “bride he never had.”

“Dear @funkejenifaakindele, my friend, let’s celebrate our wedding anniversary now. It’s been years of pure love between us. You are the bride I never had.”

Yomi Fabiyi openly shares his emotions about Mo Bimpe, expressing his feelings for her.

Last year, amidst a sex-for-role accusation from his junior colleague, Mo Bimpe, Yomi Fabiyi opened up about their relationship.

Yomi firmly asserted that being an adult, he had the right to be sexually attracted to other adults, as long as there was no force or coercion involved. He emphasized that having sexual feelings within the boundaries of the law is also his right.

In an Instagram post, he shared a photo of Mo Bimpe and presented evidence of how their conversation began. In a lengthy message, he strongly criticized the actress, stating that he never offered her or anyone sex for a role.

He urged Mo Bimpe to bravely call out those she offered sex to in the industry to attain her current position.

Yomi Fabiyi remains vocal about his connection with Mo Bimpe, addressing the subject openly.

Continuing to address the subject, Yomi Fabiyi candidly shared what occurred between himself and Mo Bimpe.

Expressing regret, Yomi lamented the negative labeling he received in relation to his issues with Mo Bimpe, whom he claimed to have personally trained.

The actor recounted how he initially met the actress when she messaged him during the release of one of his new movies.

Yomi Fabiyi stated that their paths crossed in 2016 when he was about to shoot a movie, and Mo Bimpe, who was a youth corps member then, expressed her interest in acting.

He narrated the process of grooming her for the role she portrayed and how he worked hard to ensure that seasoned Nollywood artists in the movie were not discouraged by her lack of experience.

Yomi Fabiyi firmly reiterated that there was no sexual relationship with Mo Bimpe, emphasizing that he solely trained her in the Nollywood profession.

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