“Just Because Men”- A Lady Spotted Bathing Ibile Soap(Bizabiza).

Written by fazazy39

A video has gone viral on social media, showing a middle-aged lady undergoing an egg shower ritual, which has sparked various reactions online.

In the trending video, the lady can be seen vigorously participating in the egg shower ritual as a means to find true love. It appears that she has faced difficulties in her past relationships and is now determined to go the extra mile in pursuit of her dream.

In the video, the lady was draped in a white wrapper and surrounded by crates of eggs, holding a knife. She was engaging in a ritual to ward off her village people who she believes are obstructing her from finding true love.

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The lady in the video was observed carefully picking eggs from the crates, breaking them with a knife, and pouring the liquid parts over her head, as if mimicking the act of pouring soap while bathing.

Her continuous act of rubbing the eggs on her head ignited a range of reactions among social media users.

While some criticized her for wasting eggs instead of using them to prepare better food, others suggested that if she was genuinely determined to find her ideal partner, she should have directly smashed the egg on her head instead of using a knife to break it.

Watch the video below;

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