Stella Damasus proudly celebrates her special gifts from God, just hours after her ex throws shades.

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Nollywood actress Stella Damasus joyfully expresses her pride in her daughters, considering them as special gifts from God.

She shares a heartwarming video of herself and her daughters dancing together, appreciating the precious moments and feeling grateful to have them in her life.

She expressed a heartfelt prayer for more beautiful memories with her daughters.

“Me and my twinnemssss! Love it when my girls join me in creating fun videos and supporting our business. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for them, my special gifts from God. May we keep having a great time and making cherished memories together. Come on, go to @gelicollection and grab these glasses and earrings because my girls highly recommend them. And, as always, @rumehejoor takes charge behind the camera.”

Stella Damasus proudly shared her feelings shortly after her immediate ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan, threw a shade online.

In response to Stella Damasus’ conversation with Teju Baby Face about her broken marriage, Daniel Ademinokan cryptically wrote, “The mouth that enjoys good food doesn’t have room to shout, ‘Look at me.'”

Stella Damasus finally speaks up about her separation from Daniel Ademinokan.

Naijalegit recalls the moment when Stella Damasus finally broke her silence regarding her divorce from her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan. During a podcast with Teju Baby Face, she revealed that she learned about his decision to end their marriage through YouTube.

According to Stella, her husband, who was supposed to be on a long trip, unexpectedly broke the news over the phone. Shocked and unaware of the situation, she received concerned calls from friends who had seen reports about the end of her marriage with Daniel Ademinokan circulating online.

To her dismay, Stella checked YouTube and discovered hurtful words being used to describe her broken marriage, all while she remained in the dark about the situation. As she grappled with the unexpected revelation, she decided to reach out to her husband, who confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning from his trip.

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