“I’m A Husband Snatcher, See My Husband Here”- Actress Debbie Shokoya Says As She Finally Reveal Her Husband Face Online Amid Husband Snatching Saga (Video)

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Debbie Shokoya, the well-known Nollywood actress also known as Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, has finally disclosed her husband’s identity.

She proudly introduced him to her fans ahead of his birthday this month, expressing her love and sending him an early birthday wish.

“Since it’s the month of the “Baby that baby me,” I want to wish a Happy Birthday in advance to my dear Okomi. August’s born are truly amazing! I love you forever and always.

That handsome man right there is my husband.”

Actress Debbie Shokoya shares beautiful pictures to celebrate her husband ahead of her birthday.

As her spouse’s birthday approached, Nigerian actress Debbie Shokoya shared a beautiful photo of him on social media.

Despite being a talented actress known for her captivating performances, she has received criticism online for reportedly marrying a polygamist.

Nevertheless, she expressed her deep love and appreciation for her partner in a heartfelt message, touching the hearts of many.

The picture showed the couple embracing affectionately, radiating happiness and love.

Watch the video below;

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