“Keep your explanation to yourself, Oju aye.”- Binta Mogaji after she reveals that she told Musiliu Ajikanle to send his account number but he never did

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actress Binta Mogaji faced criticism on social media when she shared a heartfelt tribute to her late colleague, Musiliu Ajikanle. In her tribute, she revealed that she had spoken to him less than two weeks before his passing and had asked for his account number, which he didn’t send.

While the Nigerian entertainment industry mourned Musiliu Ajikanle’s death, Binta Mogaji’s tribute evoked mixed reactions from the public.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • @bintaayomogaji: So why didn’t you call him back and ask him why he hadn’t sent the account number?
  • @bintaayomogaji: Iya, keep your explanation, Oju aye 😂
  • @bintaayomogaji: You should have kept this matter private.
  • @bintaayomogaji: Your explanation lacks evidence.
  • @dsimonic5050: This is uncalled for. Why insult someone older than you on social media? If someone didn’t send their account number, why not call them to inquire politely?
  • @bintaayomogaji: With due respect, you didn’t need to write all this here. If you genuinely wanted to help, you could have called him back when he didn’t send the account number. Take a moment to understand.

It’s evident that Binta Mogaji’s public revelation about the account number request during a time of mourning sparked debates and reactions from netizens.

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