“I Never Done With You” – tiktoker, Ego That Defame Eniola Badmus Sentence To 2 years Imprisonment.

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Ego, the popular Tiktoker also known as Okoye Blessing Nwakego, found herself in legal trouble after defaming Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus. After being arraigned in court on Wednesday, August 2nd, a Federal High Court in Lagos sentenced her to two years of imprisonment.

The charges brought against her included cyberstalking, with allegations that she conspired with another individual, Chimabia (who is currently at large), between December 2022 and July 2023 in Lagos. The offense fell under Section 27 of the cybercrimes (prohibition, prevention, etc) act 2015.

Ego faced a conviction on count one and received a sentence of one-year imprisonment, with the option to pay a fine of N50,000. On count two, she was sentenced to two years imprisonment, with a N100,000 fine. The imprisonment terms are to be served concurrently, while the fines are to be consecutive.

As per available information online, Ego decided to pay the N150,000 fine to secure her release and avoid serving the prison sentence.

Eniola Badmus has taken action and ordered the arrest of a lady who accused her of being involved in pimping ladies to top politicians.

Last month, Naijalegit reported that Eniola Badmus took steps to have a lady arrested after she accused the actress of being involved in pimping girls to top politicians.

The Tiktoker, known as Ego, had made serious allegations, claiming that Eniola engaged in professional pimping activities, connecting girls to influential politicians across Nigeria for financial gain.

In response to the accusations, Eniola Badmus ordered the lady’s arrest. However, a video surfaced on the internet showing the lady retracting her initial statements, confessing that she had fabricated the allegations.

In her confession, the lady explained that she was facing financial hardships and struggling to pay rent when a friend presented her with a tempting offer. The friend offered her a substantial sum of N200,000 to falsely accuse and slander Eniola Badmus, taking advantage of her vulnerable situation.

Despite the lady’s retraction, Eniola is determined not to let the matter rest. She expressed her intention to make an example of the situation, emphasizing the seriousness of such false accusations.

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