“I Am Still A Virgin” – Iyabo Ojo’s declaration of her virginity sparks reactions.

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Despite having experienced divorce and being a single mother of two, Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Iyabo Ojo,

Recently revealed on her Instagram page that she still identifies herself as a virgin while promoting a luxury hair brand.

As per the statement made by Pauloo Okoye’s girlfriend,

she claims to be a virgin like her wigs, which garnered various reactions from her followers in the comment section. Among them,

Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend, Tania Omotayo, responded with “E ni kpe.”

Renik Gioielleria commented, “Yes, we are virgins.”

Princess wrote, “Where are the virgins? Please, we are also virgins in it?”

Sheikh Ayates questioned, “After how many children?”

There are other celebrities besides Iyabo Ojo who consider themselves virgins despite having children.

Singer Wizkid claims to be a virgin.

In a similar vein, Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, caused a stir online when he declared himself a virgin.

Despite being a father to three lovely and handsome boys from different mothers, his statement during a show in Lagos on Thursday night, December 30, 2021, left the crowd in disbelief as they shouted in response.

He asked the audience, “So you guys believe me or what? When I say I’m a virgin, you don’t believe me?”

Destiny Etiko explains the reasons behind her virginity at the age of 33.

Months ago, Destiny Etiko caused a buzz online when she openly shared her virginity status. During an interview with OakTV, she surprised many by claiming to be a virgin at the age of 33. Destiny attributed her virginity to her crippling social anxiety and not having a strong relationship, stating, “I am still a virgin because of my crippling social anxiety… I still have not had a relationship that has gone to that level.”

Her revelation caught the attention of media personality Daddy Freeze, who conducted a discussion on his Instagram Live to address her claims. Uche Elendu, taking to the comment section, confirmed Destiny’s virginity, describing her as one of the most decent girls in recent times, stating, “Destiny is a virgin if she says she is. She is one of the most decent girls in recent times, I give that to her.”

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