“Do You To Finish Me”- Jigan Babaoja revealed on the movie set that he won’t do it and expressed the need to change his manager due to the kind of roles being brought to him.

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Jigan Babaoja, a Nollywood actor and film producer, caused a stir when his manager offered him a role beyond his acting capabilities.

In the scene, Jigan was seen lying down and tied to a car while the driver was instructed to drive at a higher speed, making the situation intense and challenging for the actor.

Fear grips Jigan as he calls on the manager to kindly return their money.

The post reads: “My manager and I.”

As soon as he shares the video on his Instagram account, fans celebrate and take to the comment section to share their thoughts on why the manager is treating him that way.

Check out some of the social media reactions below:

  • Officialyetundebakare: Jigan, please send me your manager’s address. I want to get him arrested before he harms you. 😫🤣😂
  • Aliu_gafar: Please, you must do it. I have spent money, please. 🙏😂
  • Damsolve_global_invt_ltd: The manager should at least be considerate; it’s not just about money.
  • Adisa010: No turning back, my brother. 😂
  • Kingzeez1: We don’t settle for getting our money back; you must do something about it by force.
  • Arsemadarn7: Manager, return the money! 😂 @jiganbabaoja, you’re hilarious.
  • Iamwealthborn: I warned you to stay away from Aliu, but you didn’t listen. 😂

Watch the video below;

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