Alhaja Misturah Aderounmu, the Islamic singer, expresses gratitude as she celebrates her 30th birthday today.

Written by fazazy39

Today marks another significant milestone in the life of Nigerian Popular Islamic Singer, Alhaja Misturah Aderounmu Ashafa, widely known as Temi Ni Success.

To celebrate this special occasion, she took to Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing platform, to wish herself a happy birthday and shared some beautiful pictures, inviting her followers to join in the celebration.

On this momentous day, she expresses her gratitude and thanks to Almighty Allah for granting her another year of life on this earth. Reflecting on her journey, she realizes there is much to be grateful for and prays for more reasons to celebrate in the future.

As she turns the 30th floor today, she offers a heartfelt prayer to Almighty Allah for granting her heart’s desires and protecting her from any form of calamity or catastrophe. She looks forward to more prosperous and successful years ahead, filled with good health and abundance.

With a heart full of hope and appreciation, she also prays for the uplifting of down spirits in her life and seeks guidance from Allah throughout her journey in life.

Cheers to Alhaja Misturah Aderounmu Ashafa, wishing her a joyful and blessed 30th birthday, surrounded by love, happiness, and success in all her endeavors.

She is a popular Nigerian Islamic Singer who has firmly established herself in the entertainment industry. Starting her singing journey at a young age, her debut music “Temi ni success” is what she is famously known for, and her talent continues to shine bright. She is happily married and enjoys a prosperous and fulfilling life.

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