“Video Director TG Omori shares his encounter with a man who rejected his N1000 gift, (video)🎥🎬

Written by fazazy39

TG Omori, one of Nigeria’s highest-paid video directors, shared an incident where he encountered an entitled man who refused his N1000 gift.

He took to his Instagram page to reshare an old video, recounting the incident when he visited his father, and boys on the street approached him, paying homage. This was a rare occurrence for him as he seldom encountered such situations while visiting his father. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough cash on him, only the amount meant for security.

Being short of cash, he gave the boys N1000, which he had received from his driver. The encounter left a lasting impression, and TG Omori shared the story in the video. 🎥💰

One of the boys couldn’t conceal his disappointment when the director offered them just N1k.

He pointed at the amount TG Omori attempted to give him, possibly to emphasize that it was a meager sum.

Clearly irritated by the man’s reaction, the music director closed his car door, acknowledging that the money was rejected. 🚗💰😒

“This video again. No evidence, but let me explain. On this particular day, I was visiting my father. It’s rare to see boys on the street; usually, it’s just the security guys at the entrance gate, so I always carry their cash to help them out. After visiting my father, as I was leaving, I saw about three boys outside hailing me. Obviously, the security guys had informed them to come and get their share. I greeted them back, and they demanded money from me. Not an issue, I asked the driver to check if there was cash, and he found 1k. I told the boys I had no cash on me and suggested they use the 1k to buy a drink. Surprisingly, the guys rejected it, saying I should enjoy it. Well, I just went ahead and used it to enjoy myself.”

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