“ I Sold My Virginity For $3.8million(billion Naira) To Empower My self” – 22years old USA lady.

Written by fazazy39

Natalie Dylan, a 22-year-old student hailing from San Diego, California, recently auctioned her virginity for an impressive $3.8 million (N2.9 billion).

A virginity auction involves individuals seeking to sell their virginity, typically publicized online. The highest bidder in the auction gains the privilege of being the first person to have intercourse with the seller.

Facing dire financial circumstances to pay for her college education, Natalie decided to sell her maidenhood to the highest bidder, an Australian man.

According to her, auctioning her virginity might not solve all her problems, but it would offer some financial stability. She expressed her readiness to face controversy and embrace this decision, highlighting that in a capitalist society, she believes she should be allowed to capitalize on her virginity.

Some men clearly seek a girlfriend, but I make sure to clarify that my offer is for a one-night-only experience. It surprises me that men are willing to pay such a high price for virginity, which isn’t as highly prized as it once was.

The Australian man eventually backed out of the deal due to reconciling with his ex-wife. Nonetheless, Natalie was able to retain her $250,000 deposit.

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