“Do You Want To Turn To Lord Of The Ring ?” – Man says as he calls off engagement with girlfriend, chats leak (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman has shared heart-wrenching messages from her boyfriend, who ended their engagement. The messages depict the sadness and pain they both experienced during this difficult time.

Using her TikTok handle, @lil_candybackup, the young lady shared their WhatsApp conversation.

In the chat, the man honestly admitted that he proposed without thinking clearly, acknowledging that he wasn’t financially and emotionally prepared for marriage and commitment to a woman.

He wrote, “Hey mama! You’re probably asleep by now. I wanted to share something with you, but I hate to see you cry. I’ve decided to call off the engagement; I realize I wasn’t thinking clearly when I proposed.

I’m truly sorry, but I’m not ready for this commitment. I know it will be difficult for you to tell the people you already informed, but I believe it’s for the best to avoid any complications. I hope you understand.”

The young lady burst into tears, fearing that he was playing a prank on her, but it turned out he wasn’t. She responded, “Was it meant to be breakfast in bed? If this is a prank, you better stop it. Do you want to disgrace me? Your father hasn’t been born well. You just ranted for nothing. Okay, now I’m calm. Please, let’s sort things out. How will I explain to my friends? Wow, you’ve already blocked me. May God block you from your destiny helper. Well, it’s a good thing you have a sister!” Watch the video below: [Video link here]

The video sparked massive reactions as social media users shared their thoughts:

~OLAMIDE>>>>>> >😌❤️ expressed, “Thank God he informed you 😌 before you turned into the lord of the ring, for real.”

Oringo shared, “No one knows I’m engaged except my sister and one close friend. If someone starts acting up, I’ll give back the ring and keep it low-key.”

Cici🫧😮‍💨❤️ commented, “The ring didn’t even look good on your hand. Stay positive, babes, it’s for the best ❤️.”

PEACEFUL❤️LONER ✨💫🥵 said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t like wedding proposals? Just come and meet my people and do everything necessary. No need for a proposal, please.”

Eniolaheart added, “I hope you’re not toxic because even your responses sound somehow to me… just saying respectfully.”

Perfect🦋🦋 said, “POV: Even an engagement doesn’t guarantee they won’t leave, not even marriage, they always do.”

SPICYTEE 🥰🔥🔥 joked, “Seems like $300 got into his account that made him propose 😂😂😂😂😂.”

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