“ Your Plan Is To Make Me Loose My Second Leg”- Jigan Baba Oja Says As He Ran For His Personal Life.(watch)

Written by fazazy39

Comic Yoruba actor and film producer, Jigan Babaoja, delighted his followers by sharing a humorous video on his Instagram account.

Jigan treated his audience to a series of videos from the movie set titled “Accident,” which brought laughter and entertainment to his Instagram page.

The director instructed Jigan Babaoja to perform a scene where he walks and talks on the road, portraying anger towards someone, while another person drives a car at a speed of 100ms and intentionally hits Jigan’s leg.

When the director asked if Jigan could perform the scenes, his manager replied with a confident “yes,” and Jigan nodded his head in agreement.

To everyone’s surprise on set, Jigan ran away and hid inside a bush when his scene was about to be shot, and they couldn’t find him afterwards. He kept insisting that someone was trying to take his second leg.

He wrote,

He wrote, “These ones want to lure me into losing my second leg 🦵 I won’t let them succeed! I’ll show them who’s boss.

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