“I Am The ICON”- As Actor Itele celebrates his victory as he beats Afeez Owo, Kolawole Ajeyemi, and others to win the Movie Director of the Year award. (Video)

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Nollywood actor and movie producer, Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele, received two prestigious awards at the recently concluded Emperor Awards held on Sunday night.

On his Instagram page, the talented actor expressed gratitude to his fans, acknowledging that making people laugh through movies is no easy task.

He extended his appreciation to the award organizers for recognizing his efforts in comedy movies.

Itele was honored with the awards for Best Actor of the Year and Best Director of the Year, triumphing over competitors like Afeez Owo, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Segun Ogungbe, and others to secure the Best Director award.

“Another prestigious award now graces my profile. It was an amazing feeling to receive the Best Actor of the Year (ALANI OGO) and Best Director of the Year (ALANI OGO) Awards. Thank you for acknowledging the effort I put into that comedy movie. Making people laugh is no simple task. @emperorawards, I am truly grateful for this recognition. To all my fans across the globe, this victory is dedicated to you.”

Ibrahim Yekini ‘Itele’ expresses gratitude as he receives the Leadership award.

The double awards come just a few days after he was honored with a Leadership award. As the movie star prepares for his upcoming movie in August, he received an Icon Leadership award for his significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

This award also recognizes his positive impact on society and his role as a mentor to the youth.

Itele expressed his gratitude to the organizers, highlighting that while many may give awards, he believes that God is the one who bestows true rewards.

Itele expressed how deeply humbled and grateful he is for the recognition of his talent.

“Receiving an award from fellow humans is a great gesture, but I believe that God is the ultimate giver of rewards. Winning an award is undoubtedly a special moment, and being honored for my talent is truly humbling and fills me with gratitude.”

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