Actress Toyin Lawani Marriage Allegedly Set To Crash As Husband Open up on Struggling For Love,Says “I’m Tired Of Wearing Mask, Pretending and Crying”

Written by fazazy39

Segun Wealth, the husband of Toyin Lawani, bravely opened up about the emotional struggles and pain he’s been facing in his marriage, despite portraying a happy facade. The well-known photographer, who tied the knot with Toyin Lawani, a single mother, around two years ago, took to his Instagram story to express his heartfelt emotions.

In a candid confession, Segun Wealth admitted that the image of a perfect marriage he presented to the public was just an act, and he’s now worn out from playing that role. In a lengthy note, he emphasized that his age is not on his side anymore, and being married to Toyin Lawani has brought him too many tears and hardships.

Love can be painful, almost like a scam. It’s disheartening how I constantly try to put on a brave front and hide my true feelings for the sake of love. I hear the rush of my blood and struggle to keep my emotions in check, giving my all to make love work. I wear that smile in public to portray a flawless relationship, but how much longer can I keep up with this charade?

Time is passing, and I can’t stay like this forever. While the world sees perfect pictures and videos, my heart is shattered. Please, don’t try to fix me, because I’m broken.”

In a recent post, Toyin Lawani’s husband expressed his deep pain and emotional turmoil. He shared a snapshot and admitted that he can no longer bear the ongoing struggle.

He stated, “I can’t continue fighting like this; I need to let go of everything and seek a different kind of peace. It’s time to focus on myself more.”

“There’s no point in trying to please anyone for the sake of love. I’m exhausted from putting on a facade, pretending it’s all okay with @deeeunknown. I’ve been trying too hard to sustain this relationship.

I wish the water could carry me away, washing me clean for a fresh start. Starting over has always frightened me, but this pain is unbearable. My tears have dried up like water, and I’m so sorry, but I can’t continue pretending I’m okay.”

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