“I try All The Possible Best To keep Our Relationship safe”- Trouble in paradise as Toyin Lawani’s husband, Segun Wealth cries out over his marital pains

Written by fazazy39

Segun Wealth, the husband of renowned celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, has left many puzzled with his enigmatic Instagram posts.

Going by the name Dee Unknown on the platform, the photographer shared a series of hints suggesting a potential marital crisis.

Segun Wealth candidly expressed that he has been putting in his best effort to make the love work and even maintained a facade of happiness in public for the sake of a seemingly perfect relationship. However, he questions how much longer he can continue pretending, especially considering he isn’t getting any younger.

He further shared that he has reached a point where he can no longer continue the fight and needs to prioritize finding a different kind of peace and focusing more on himself.

“Love can be painful, almost feeling like a scam. It saddens me how I consistently try to put on a brave front and hide my true emotions in the name of love. I hear my heart pounding, struggling to keep my emotions in check. I’ve given my best to make love work, plastering a smile for the world to see a perfect relationship, but I question how much longer I can endure this.

As time passes, I realize I’m not getting any younger for this kind of struggle. On the outside, it’s all perfect pictures and videos, pleasing the public and fans, but inside, my heart is in ruins. Please understand, I am broken, so don’t try to mend me.”

“I can’t continue this fight any longer; it’s time to let go and seek a different kind of peace. I need to prioritize focusing on myself. There’s no point in pleasing others for the sake of love. It’s time to face the truth, and I’m exhausted.

I’ve been putting in so much effort to maintain this relationship, but I wish water could wash me away for a fresh start. I’ve been afraid to start over, but the pain has become unbearable, and it feels like all hope has dried up.

I apologize, but I can’t keep pretending that everything is okay.”

The revelation comes as a shock, given that the couple recently commemorated their second wedding anniversary just last month and even organized a dinner for their close friends and family.

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