“Don’t Disrespect My Colleagues”- As Mr. Macaroni responded to a man’s remark, stating that he is the only skit-maker who does not engage in fraudulent activities (yahoo).

Written by fazazy39

Mr. Macaroni took the netizen to task, emphasizing that he knows numerous content creators who are diligent and hardworking.

He firmly cautioned the individual against disrespecting his colleagues who are earnestly putting in the effort and legitimately earning their money.

“I have great respect for numerous content creators who work hard diligently and legitimately. Let’s avoid disrespecting them in this manner, please.

There are many new talents out there aspiring to build a career in Content Creation, and some are already well on their journey, even surpassing some of us. Let’s make sure not to discourage them and instead, support their efforts and growth.” he wrote.

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