Congratulations Falls In As Davido and Wife Chioma Welcome A Bouncing Baby Boy (Picture)

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According to recent reports, Davido, the popular Nigerian singer known for his hit songs and vibrant performances, and his wife Chioma, have joyfully welcomed a beautiful addition to their family—a baby boy. The news of the newborn’s arrival has sparked an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes for the Adeleke family from fans, friends, and fellow celebrities alike.

Davido, who has a massive following on social media, has not yet made an official announcement regarding the birth of their son. However, the excitement and happiness surrounding the news are evident, as fans eagerly await his confirmation.

This momentous occasion marks a new chapter in Davido and Chioma’s journey as parents, and it is bound to bring them immense joy and love. As the couple embraces parenthood, their fans and supporters are undoubtedly looking forward to witnessing the adorable moments they share with their newborn son.

As the news continues to spread, the internet is buzzing with congratulations and heartfelt messages, with fans expressing their love and support for the talented artist and his family. Everyone is eager to hear more details about the new addition to the Adeleke family and to see glimpses of the proud parents with their precious baby boy.

Overall, the birth of Davido and Chioma’s son is a moment of celebration for their loved ones and fans around the world, and it marks the beginning of a beautiful and exciting journey into parenthood for the couple.

Tacha reveals the reason behind removing Davido’s tattoo from her body.

During a recent chat on Cool FM’s Radio show, Tacha Akide, the renowned reality star, openly confessed her unwavering affection for Davido and his music. She shared that she was once so deeply enamored with the artist that she even went as far as getting a tattoo of him.

Being a massive fan of the Afrobeats sensation and considering Davido her favorite Nigerian singer, Tacha expressed her profound love and admiration for his work. In 2019, her adoration for the artist drove her to permanently ink Davido’s face below her bosom.

However, Tacha has since had a change of heart and decided to undergo a laser procedure to remove the tattoo from her body. The decision to remove the tattoo came at some point after getting it. Despite no longer having the physical tattoo, Tacha’s love for Davido and his music remains as strong as ever. Her admiration for the talented artist continues to be a significant part of her life, even without the visible mark of her initial dedication.

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