“Lateef Adedimeji shares a video online questioning his wife, See Mo Bimpe’s reply as he says, ‘This woman always bullies me, sha.'”

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Nollywood’s talented actor, Lateef Adedimeji, shared a video on Instagram where he jokingly revealed that his wife, Adebimpe Oyebade (also known as Mo Bimpe), often bullies him both at home and online. In the video, they were together at the Ikeja cinema for Odunlade Ademola’s movie, ORISA Show.

Lateef humorously mentioned his wife’s playful teasing, to which Mo Bimpe responded in jest, questioning who was really bullying whom. The lighthearted exchange garnered attention online, with some advising Mo Bimpe to leave Lateef alone, understanding that it was all in good fun.

Lateef Adedimeji mentioned in the video that he would be at the ICM Ikeja to watch the movie ORISA, produced and directed by Odunlade Ademola. His caption read, “

“This woman always bullies me sha😌 Anyways I’ll be at ICM Ikeja today by 4 PM to watch ORISA the movie with OBIM,

produced and directed by the boss himself @odunomoadekola Cc


Lateef Adedimeji expresses his complete support for his boss, Odunlade Adekola, on his new movie “Orisa.”

Nollywood sensation Odunlade Adekola is all set to make a big impact in the cinema with his upcoming project, “Orisa,” set to premiere on July 21st.

As the much-awaited movie premiere draws near, Odunlade Adekola has been receiving overwhelming support from his fellow colleagues in the industry. One of them is the talented actor Lateef Adedimeji.

True to his character, Lateef delighted his followers by posting a humorous video on his Instagram page, promoting Odunlade Adekola’s new movie.

Watch the video below :

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