MC Oluomo surprises actress Bimbo Akisanya with a significant gift on her mother’s birthday.

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In anticipation of her mother’s grand birthday celebration scheduled for Saturday, MC Oluomo, the chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages, has bestowed a generous sum of money upon Bimbo Akisanya.

The Yoruba actress took to her Instagram page to express her heartfelt appreciation to MC Oluomo, referring to him as “Idan Gangan,” signifying a dependable and reliable benefactor. She revealed that he has been her “Oniduro Mi,” a protector and supporter, for many years.

Overflowing with praise and gratitude, Bimbo Akisanya thanked MC Oluomo for the significant gift. She recognized him as a benevolent giver and wished him eternal joy and freedom from sorrow.

In her Instagram post, she also mentioned that her mother, who is turning 80, wishes to have MC Oluomo cut the birthday cake with her, further showcasing the special bond between the actress’s family and the generous benefactor.

Bimbo Akisanya extends her heartfelt appreciation to Bose Alao for the support she provided in preparation for her mother’s 80th birthday celebration.

Likewise, Bimbo Akisanya expressed her gratitude towards her colleague, Bose Alao, for the support she offered in preparation for her mother’s 80th birthday celebration.

As the Yoruba actress prepared for the grand birthday party, she held a pre-birthday bash for her mother on a Tuesday. Bimbo shared pictures from the intimate gathering and thanked Bose Alao for being present and showing her support.

She affectionately referred to Bose Alao as “Idan Gangan” and conveyed her love and appreciation for her.

Bimbo Akisanya is all set to host a lavish party in honor of her mother’s 80th birthday, and she made it known on her Instagram page. She emphasized that she believes in celebrating parents while they are alive rather than spending extravagantly on burial ceremonies after they pass away.

The much-anticipated party is scheduled for Saturday, July 29th, 2023, and Bimbo is looking forward to commemorating this special occasion with her beloved mother, whom she fondly calls “Abiyamo Mi” (My Precious Mother) and “Iya Bimbo @80.”

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