“I Ask God To Do It For Me”Adekunle Gold purchases a house and car for both his mother and wife, capturing the beautiful moment in a touching video.

Written by fazazy39

Adekunle Gold, the renowned Nigerian singer, undoubtedly proves to be a loving son and husband.

The AG baby crooner recently demonstrated his love and appreciation for two of the most important women in his life by showering them with extravagant gifts. He splurged on a new house for his beloved mother and surprised his wife, Simi, with a luxurious car.

Excited to share his heartfelt surprise, Adekunle Gold took to his Instagram page to express gratitude to his Creator for the blessings in his life. He extended his prayers to his fans, hoping that the same God who had blessed him abundantly would bestow similar blessings upon them.

With touching words, he wrote:

“I buy German for my baby.
Mo toju mommy
Mo tun ra’le

God wey do am for me.
Go do am for you!”

Adekunle Gold’s act of love and generosity touched the hearts of his fans and admirers, and his post was met with overwhelming support and well-wishes for his family. His gesture serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of cherishing and celebrating the special people in our lives.

Adequately expressing the depth of her emotions, Simi finds herself overwhelmed with love and joy when her husband, Adekunle Gold, surprises her with a dazzling array of diamonds.

Just a month later, Adekunle Gold went above and beyond for Simi, lavishing her with a stunning display of diamonds worth millions.

Simi herself shared this heartwarming revelation, expressing her emotional state after being inundated with love on her 35th birthday. She took to her Instagram stories to share videos and photos, capturing the beautiful moments she shared with her husband and their friends.

The overwhelmed mother of one couldn’t contain her emotions as she thanked everyone for the lovely gifts she received on her special day.

One particular video caught the attention of many online, capturing the heartfelt moment when Adekunle Gold presented her with a mesmerizing diamond neck chain. The necklace bore her name, “SIMI,” elegantly inscribed on it, making the gesture even more meaningful and precious.

It’s evident that Adekunle Gold’s thoughtful and extravagant surprise touched Simi deeply, leaving her with unforgettable memories of a birthday filled with love and luxury. Their love and affection for each other continue to inspire their fans and the world.

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