“Thank You Lord”-DJ chicken Says As He Burst To Cry As He Buy Mercedes Benz Ever”

Written by fazazy39

In a moment that stirred both joy and controversy, DJ Chicken couldn’t hold back his tears of elation as he splurged a substantial sum of money on his very first Mercedes Benz. Despite facing a distressing incident in the past when he was confronted and assaulted by the entourage of a renowned socialite, the determined entertainer managed to bounce back and now boasts of his second car acquisition in under a year.

Sharing the news on an image-sharing platform, DJ Chicken expressed heartfelt gratitude to his loyal fans while proudly displaying his new addition to the growing collection in his garage. The overwhelming emotions took over, and tears streamed down his face as he contemplated the significance of owning a Mercedes Benz for the first time in his life.

Supportive fans and well-wishers promptly flooded his page with congratulatory messages and best wishes for his latest car purchase. DJ Chicken celebrated the milestone by sharing a video, posing in front of his new ride on an empty road, along with the words, “Tap tap tap eboo eyin fansi mi 😭😠🙏 ile oba tojo.”

Despite the controversy surrounding his past, DJ Chicken’s perseverance and success in achieving his dreams continue to inspire and captivate audiences. His tears of joy symbolize a triumphant moment in his life, reflecting the rewards of hard work and dedication to his craft.

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