“Ika Don Reap Original Ika Of Africa”- Wahala As Portable IPhone 14 Pro Max Was Stolen By A Female Instagram Account Bearer.

Written by fazazy39

Renowned music producer Portable, also known as Ika of Africa, recently shared a distressing post through his wife, Ashabi Simple, stating that his phone was stolen and his Instagram account was compromised.

Ashabi Simple took to her Instagram Stories to inform everyone that Portable’s phone had been stolen and that the hacker changed the Instagram account name to “Elizabeth Joyce.” She urged everyone to disregard any business transactions with this account for the time being, as the individual behind the hack seems to be targeting Portable’s life.

In his own words, Portable cautioned his followers to be vigilant and avoid falling victim to scams. He requested that anyone interested in conducting business with him should contact him directly via phone to ensure they are dealing with the authentic account and not the hacker’s impostor.

A quick check on Portable’s Instagram account verified that it had indeed been hacked, as the name had been changed to “Elizabeth Joyce.” However, his original name, “Portable,” was still visible on the profile.

In a message on his account, Portable expressed gratitude for being alive and well despite the unfortunate incident. He acknowledged that his iPhone 14 was gone, and he urged his followers to be cautious since the person who stole his phone was attempting to compromise his online presence and accounts. He emphasized trust in God’s protection and urged everyone to stay vigilant.

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