“If you’re Not Tinubu, Dangote, or Otedola, I won’t Reply you online”-Eniola Badmus Reply Fans

Written by fazazy39

In this situation, Eniola Badmus, the actress, expressed her frustration with a woman who made false accusations and defamed her online during a live chat with Daddy Freeze. She stated that she usually refrains from sharing personal matters on social media, but due to the seriousness of this situation, she is determined to take action against the woman responsible for spreading false information about her.

Eniola Badmus emphasized that she rarely responds to negative comments on social media, except for those from highly prominent figures like Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jagaban (Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu), or his son, Seyi Tinubu. Her busy schedule managing multiple business ventures and her composed nature prevent her from engaging with every negative comment about her online.

The actress expressed her belief that the woman who defamed her was working on behalf of others, as she claimed that she was paid to spread the false information. Eniola Badmus found these allegations to be severe and insisted that the woman should be held accountable for her actions by filing a lawsuit and providing evidence to support her claims in court.

Overall, Eniola Badmus seems determined to address the situation legally and believes in letting the legal process handle the matter appropriately.

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