“Would you like to go on a date with me? Just don’t tell your man,” Adeniyi Johnson playfully expresses his affection for his wife, Seyi Edun. ❤️

Written by fazazy39

In a recent Instagram post, Oluwaseyi Edun, a beloved Yoruba movie actress and the wife of actor Adeniyi Johnson, delighted her fans with her stunning beauty. Known for sharing stylish outfits on social media, she once again graced her followers with an elegant look that left everyone in awe. Her impeccable fashion sense and natural beauty received heartfelt praise, especially from her husband, Adeniyi Johnson, who couldn’t contain his feelings about her latest post.

In the captivating photos, Oluwaseyi exuded elegance, donning a fabulous two-piece outfit that perfectly complemented her figure. Her makeup was flawlessly matched to her skin tone, accentuating her radiant beauty. The charming hairstyle she chose further elevated her overall appearance. With grace and poise, she struck a standing pose, accessorizing with chic sunshades and trainers, completing the ensemble that left her fans mesmerized.

She captioned her post with the words, “Self-love,” which drew even more attention, including that of her loving husband, Adeniyi Johnson. Upon seeing her post, he couldn’t resist expressing his admiration, leaving a playful comment, “Would you let me take you out on a date? Let’s keep it between us and don’t tell your man.” This response clearly reveals his deep affection and appreciation for his wife’s latest post, showcasing the love and bond between the couple.

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