Pls Pray For My Twins As They Clock Another Year Today”Muyiwa Ademola expresses deep gratitude as he celebrates his twins, saying, “Your value in my life goes beyond words.”

Written by fazazy39

Esteemed Nollywood actor, Muyiwa Ademola, expresses heartfelt gratitude to those who joined him in celebrating his twin sons’ birthday.

Muyiwa Ademola marked his sons’ special day with touching words, offering prayers for their continued success and happiness. He joyfully wrote, “My boys are older today, hurray! Authentic Happy Birthday Shout Out to these Authentic dudes. (They don’t like taking pictures again, oh!). The Heavens have blessed you, Taiwo and Kehinde Ademola. The world is yours to conquer, boys. May all your endeavors be groundbreaking successes. Continue to be sources of joy and inspiration to others. Whenever we see you, we shall always say ‘Olorun Seun’ (God is worthy of thanks). I love you endlessly, guys. Long life and Abundant Blessings. My peak shall be your starting point. Cheers to a new year, sons.”

Following this celebration, Muyiwa Ademola took to his Instagram page to extend his gratitude to those who joined in making his sons’ birthday special. He wished for endless drums of joy in their homes and for everything that brings them joy to remain constant.

In his appreciative message, he wrote, “How better can we appreciate you for celebrating my boys’ birthday yesterday? I truly value you beyond words. Drums of joy will never cease in your homes. May everything that brings you joy continue to do so. On behalf of the Ademola Dynasty, I say thank you, everyone. ‘Ibanuje kere, o tobi koni yale yin o’ (May fleeting sorrow not visit you). Taiwo and Kehinde authentically appreciate you all. We love you dearly.”

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