“Because You Know President Tinubu, you’re Feeling Your Self”-Georgina Onuoha Drag Eniola Badmus for Bullying TikToker who Defamed Her”

Written by fazazy39

Actress Georgina Onuoha Criticizes Eniola Badmus for Resorting to Kidnapping and Intimidation of Tiktoker Accused of Defaming Her

Georgina Onuoha, an actress, has taken issue with her colleague Eniola Badmus for handling a situation involving a Tiktoker accused of defaming her in a questionable manner.

The Tiktoker, known as Ego, made allegations against Eniola Badmus, claiming that she was involved in professional pimping and had facilitated such activities for a friend in the past.

Following the accusations, Eniola Badmus reportedly had Ego arrested for defamation. However, Georgina Onuoha believes that taking legal action against the Tiktoker would have been more appropriate, rather than resorting to having her arrested.

Georgina expressed her concern over the abuse of power and intimidation tactics allegedly used by Eniola Badmus to handle the situation, accusing her of essentially kidnapping the Tiktoker through involving the police.

The situation has sparked a conversation about the appropriate response to defamation claims, with Georgina advocating for a legal approach rather than resorting to measures that could be seen as excessive or intimidating.

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