Actress Queen Oluwa, Kunle Afod’s Baby Mama, Sends Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to His Wife, Desola Afod.

Written by fazazy39

It’s truly heartwarming to witness displays of maturity and love between co-parents. Queen Oluwa, the actress who shares a 17-year-old daughter with actor Kunle Afod, demonstrated a beautiful act of kindness by celebrating her baby daddy’s wife, Desola Afod, ahead of her birthday on social media.

This thoughtful gesture can create a positive environment for their child and showcases a healthy approach to co-parenting. Seeing adults put their differences aside for the well-being of their children and promoting a harmonious family dynamic is always encouraging.

On her Instagram page, Queen Oluwa shared a lovely picture of Desola Afod, accompanied by a heartfelt message. She wrote, “Happy birthday to @desolaafod olowo ori broda Afod. Enjoy your day love.”

Touched by the unexpected kindness, Desola Afod responded with a heartfelt appreciation post, expressing her gratitude for Queen Oluwa’s kind words. “I love and appreciate this sis ❤️. Thank you 🙏,” she wrote.

The act of love and appreciation resonated with fans, who flooded the comment section with praises for Queen Oluwa’s display of maturity and goodwill. Such instances serve as a positive example for others and promote healthy co-parenting dynamics in challenging situations.

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