“Action Po, I Dey Dull In In Acting”-KESARI is making a comeback – Get ready!!!Excitement builds as actor Ibrahim Yekini announces the release of his first cinema movie.

Written by fazazy39

Ibrahim Yekini, widely known by his screen name “Itele,” is a prominent figure in Nollywood, excelling both as an actor and a movie producer. With his latest project, the film “KESARI,” he is poised to claim the throne as the next Box Office King.

Breaking the news on his Instagram page, Femi Adebayo, aka Itele, revealed that “KESARI” is ready to hit the cinemas. Alongside the announcement, he added a heartfelt message to his fans and followers:

“He is back with a new narration, a new face, new disciple, and new priorities. He walks in the dark, because he understands the darkness. He fears no danger, because the dangerous work for him. The world and their hidden places are his Nation. He is KESARI the king. Get ready, you will see something wonderful🔉🔉.”

Fans can anticipate an exciting and captivating cinematic experience as they prepare to witness Ibrahim Yekini’s remarkable performance in “KESARI.” The announcement generates anticipation and excitement, leaving movie enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of this thrilling movie.

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