Davido reveals how his wife, Chioma, initially ignored him despite his celebrity status when they first met. (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Davido, the renowned Afrobeats singer, has shared the story of how he first met his wife, Chioma Rowland, while they were both attending Babcock University.

During an interview with YouTuber and vlogger Tayo Aina, Davido revealed the details of how he pursued Chioma, despite her initially rejecting him, even though he was already a celebrity at the time.

Davido recalled how he approached Chioma in his first year at the university and expressed his interest in her. However, she turned him down at that time.

He continued to share that fate brought them together again in Lagos, where they eventually connected on a deeper level. Davido vividly remembered the moment he saw Chioma walking with her bag, and he immediately expressed his attraction to her.

Determined to get her attention, Davido instructed his personal assistant, Lat, to call Chioma. Unfortunately, she did not answer the call. Nevertheless, their paths crossed once more when Chioma visited Lagos, and from there, their relationship blossomed.

Reflecting on their journey, Davido confidently expressed, “Yeah, I got you,” indicating that he successfully won Chioma’s heart despite her initial reluctance.

This heartfelt story highlights the persistence and eventual success of Davido’s pursuit of Chioma, ultimately leading to their loving relationship.

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