Fans express mixed reactions as Damola Olatunji celebrates his separation from Bukola Arugba

Written by fazazy39

The celebration of Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji’s separation from the mother of his two children has left fans divided.

According to a report by Naijalegit, Bukola, after months of sparking breakup rumors with Damola Olatunji, finally announced their separation. In a public service announcement issued by her solicitors, Bukola revealed that she and Damola are no longer together but remain amicable. Although they were never married, they are blessed with twins. The statement emphasized that their priority is the well-being and welfare of their children, which they have agreed to jointly ensure.

Hours after Bukola’s announcement, Damola Olatunji, seemingly unaffected by the separation, celebrated the news on his Instagram page. The Yoruba actor expressed his joy in a video, writing, “Hallelu, haaaleeeluuuu, hallelujah.”

This development has caused division among his fans, with some faulting him for celebrating the heartbreaking news while others cheering him on.

Reactions have been varied. One individual expressed the opinion that Damola should enjoy his life and not take what isn’t his, while another urged others to refrain from involving themselves in his personal matters to avoid disturbances. A comment congratulated the actor on his separation, stating that marriage is not a do-or-die affair and that peace is essential. However, it was emphasized that he should continue providing for his children. Another comment encouraged not to judge as the whole story is not known, but emphasized the importance of taking care of the kids.

On the opposite side, negative comments were directed at Damola, calling him names and advising him to reconcile with his wife. One commenter warned of potential consequences and another compared him to another actor who celebrated a separation.

It is evident that the news has sparked differing opinions among fans, with some supporting Damola’s celebration and others expressing concern or disapproval.

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