Eliminating theW!tch Who Attempted to Initiate Me – Iya Gbonkan Shares Her Encounter with Dark Magic Practitioner

Written by fazazy39

Iya Gbonkan Reveals Her Encounter with a Witch: Actress Margaret Bandele Olayinka, widely known as Iya Gbonkan in the Yoruba film industry, rose to fame for her portrayal of a chilling witch in the movie “Koto Orun.” However, her success in the role had unexpected consequences when she found herself caught up in a real-life encounter with a witch attempting to initiate her into their coven. In a recent interview with “Japagogo TV,” the veteran actress shared the gripping account of how she confronted and ultimately dealt with the witch, leading to the witch’s demise.

Iya Gbonkan recounted that after firmly rejecting the witch’s invitation, expressing her loyalty to God, she became the target of relentless disturbances at midnight. Anticipating an encounter, she positioned herself on the veranda one night, equipped with a turning stick called Oregun, a traditional Yoruba tool. As the witch approached her while she was bathing in the nude, the actress fearlessly addressed her as “Abangada,” referring to her as a deceitful bird and questioning her intentions. Swiftly, she struck the witch with the turning stick, delivering a powerful blow.

The impact of the strike left the witch severely ill, and her condition steadily worsened until her eventual demise. Iya Gbonkan’s unwavering faith in her own spirituality and her resolute determination to resist the witch’s advances proved to be her salvation in this supernatural ordeal.

Through her testimony, Iya Gbonkan not only highlights the dangers she faced while portraying a witch onscreen but also underscores the power of personal conviction and inner strength in overcoming adversity. Her bravery and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration, reminding us of the importance of staying true to our beliefs, even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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