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“Detty December Hookup Led To My Marriage”- Nigerian lady shares

Written by fazazy39

In a remarkable love story shared on social media, a Nigerian woman, known as @hoelyajoke, opened up about how she unexpectedly found her life partner through what she described as a “detty December hookup.”

As fate would have it, the couple were once coursemates during their university days. However, it was during the festive season that their paths crossed again, leading to a casual encounter that would ultimately alter the course of their lives.

Taking to Twitter, she shared the surprising tale, stating, “I get to know my husband through detty December hook up… we were coursemates back in uni, after NYSC we decided to hook up and f***, then part ways… but here we are.”

The tweet quickly gained traction, captivating the attention of numerous individuals who were intrigued by her candid revelation. The unique journey from a casual encounter to a lifelong commitment has captivated the curiosity of many who have come across her story.

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