“Your Movie Are Not Interesting”-Toyin Abraham Hits Alakada Movie Series

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has sparked a mixed response from fans and colleagues in the industry with her recent hint about a potential ‘Alakada’ movie series. Taking to social media, she dropped hints about the possibility of extending the beloved ‘Alakada’ movie franchise into a series, generating both excitement and skepticism among fans.

In a post accompanied by a clip from the movie, Toyin wrote, “Hmmmm!! 🤔 I have an idea.. Should we do Alakada Series and put it up on a streaming platform? Should I play the lead, use an upcoming actor or a new face as the lead? 🤔 Thinking out loud. Let’s decide together 💃💃 since my uncle is in Nigeria 🙈🙈 #alakada”

Fans of the ‘Alakada’ franchise eagerly expressed their anticipation for more laughter and entertainment, praising Toyin Abraham’s comedic talent. They encouraged her to explore the series format, believing it would offer a longer-lasting and more immersive experience. Some fans suggested adding other actors, such as Bimbo Adeboye and Kiekie, to enhance the fun.

However, there were skeptics who voiced concerns, urging Toyin Abraham to carefully consider the direction of the project to maintain the unique appeal that captivated audiences in the first place. They suggested exploring new ideas and ensuring that the series remains fresh, avoiding any perception of copying other popular series. Some fans even advised Toyin to explore more serious roles and productions, citing her talent and resources as suited for such endeavors.

Others cautioned against pursuing an ‘Alakada’ series, suggesting that she should focus on other educative and interesting areas. While acknowledging the trend of series among her peers, they encouraged Toyin to create something that would appeal to both the young and old, not solely relying on comedy but incorporating educational aspects.

In the end, the decision rests with Toyin Abraham, who will consider the feedback and opinions from her fans and colleagues before making a final choice on whether to proceed with an ‘Alakada’ series.

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