On the occasion of her triplets’ birthday, Precious Chikwendu pours her heart out in an emotional note, expressing her unwavering commitment to fight for them throughout her life.

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Precious Chikwendu, the former beauty queen and ex-wife of Femi Fani Kayode, shares a heartfelt message with their triplets on their birthday.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Precious Chikwendu reflects on how having children changes one’s perspective. She acknowledges that a significant part of her is now devoted to her little ones, and she would go to great lengths for them. She declares her unwavering commitment to her children, expressing her determination to fight for and stand beside them throughout her life.

Prior to their birth, her focus used to be on her own feelings and perception, but now it revolves around her children. She expresses joy and delight in nurturing them, finding happiness in their smiles.

“A day of gratitude! Realizing that when one decides to have kids, it’s no longer solely about themselves. A significant part of you is dedicated to your little ones, and you would cross oceans and climb mountains for them just to get it right. My beloved Ragnar, Adien, and Liam, I choose you every day and will fight for and beside you all my life.

It used to be about how I feel or how I am perceived, but now it’s all about you, you, and big brother Aragon. I choose you all a million times and more. Raising you brings me joy; your smiles are my reset button. I’m so proud that at some point, I will have to share your greatness and love with the world because you exude those qualities. My Honey boys, I want you to read this in 10 years and smile, knowing that your mama shared her expectations of you with the universe, and you never disappointed her.



You are a tremendous blessing, with two fathers in one, hence we call you Nnayi (our father). Your infectious smiles effortlessly melt even the coldest hearts, and your charming winks captivate. Above all, I love how you protect them all, as if you were born for it. Nobody can reach them without going through you, and you are always ready to stand up to anyone who makes your brothers sad. You are our warrior and my rock. You know I need you for my life to function.


My wonder man, you are both fierce and sweet. Your words are deep and soothing, and your heart is kind and loving. Your ability to focus on one person at a time is something I still marvel at. You are loved and cherished, my right and left kidney.


My joy giver, the way your searching glances pierce my soul whenever you hear my voice simply melts me. You effortlessly awaken the mother within me. You will always be my last born until you say otherwise, the twin of my heart. I could go on, but I would give away too much. You are loved, the center of my heart. Once again, I pray to God to watch over you all, to strengthen me and enhance my knowledge in order to raise warriors of valor and honor. May His mercies always be sufficient, and may He fulfill every promise and word spoken to you all. I love you all beyond words can describe. Happy birthday to us.”

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