“Nigerian Woman Claims Murphy Afolabi Owes Her N1.4M: Video Evidence Emerges”

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian Woman Claims Late Nollywood Actor Murphy Afolabi Owed Her N1.4M

During the Firdau Prayer held in Lagos State on Monday, May 22nd, 2023, a Nigerian businesswoman came forward with a significant claim regarding the late Nollywood actor, Murphy Afolabi.

In a courageous act, the woman approached the Islamic clerics in attendance and revealed her business dealings with the deceased actor. According to her statement, she had engaged in a business transaction with Murphy Afolabi, involving a sum of N1.4 million, which remained unpaid at the time of his untimely demise.

Although specific details about the nature of the business transaction and the outstanding debt were not disclosed in the report, the woman expressed her determination to pursue the amount owed to her. To address the matter, a committee has been established with the purpose of recovering the funds from the late actor’s family.

Video footage capturing the woman’s statement during the solemn Firdau Prayer ceremony quickly circulated online, serving as evidence of her claim. The video has garnered attention and sparked discussions among Nollywood enthusiasts and the general public.

The next steps for the committee involved in resolving the issue remain uncertain. It remains to be seen how they will proceed with the recovery of the owed funds and negotiate a resolution with the family of the late actor.

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