“Let us put an end to this conflict, as Murphy resolved all his differences with everyone before his passing,” Baraka urged those who were still holding grievances against Murphy.

Written by fazazy39

Following the recent passing of actor Murphy Afolabi, a close associate named Baraka has made a heartfelt plea to those who had previous conflicts with Murphy to let go of their grievances.

Baraka emphasized that Murphy had successfully reconciled with every individual he had disagreements with prior to his untimely demise.

Expressing deep gratitude for the support received during Murphy Afolabi’s funeral, Baraka conveyed, “I sincerely appreciate everyone who stood by us during the difficult time of Murphy’s passing. May you be abundantly blessed.”

Furthermore, Baraka urged all individuals currently engaged in disputes to release their grievances. He highlighted Murphy’s remarkable ability to resolve conflicts with everyone he had conflicts with before his passing, almost as if he had a heightened awareness of his limited time on Earth.

Please watch the video below.

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