“Happy Birthday My Gee”– Samuel Ajirebi Celebrate His Father 66th Birthday

Written by fazazy39

Samuel Ajirebi, a well-known actor, scriptwriter, and lawyer, recently took to his official social media account to celebrate his father, Pa James, on his 66th birthday. Pa James is famous for his iconic comedic role in the popular Nigerian TV series “Papa Ajasco” and other television productions.

In a heartfelt tribute, Samuel shared lovely photos of his father, affectionately referring to him as his “Gee.” The accompanying caption read, “Ajao Ogan. Happy Birthday, my Gee.”

The touching photos sparked reactions online, with fans, celebrities, and actress Adebimpe Akintunde extending birthday wishes and showering compliments on Pa James.

Pa James, who rose to fame as a renowned comic actor in the early 2000s, passed on his talent to his son, Samuel, who started his acting career as a child actor. Despite pursuing a law degree and completing his youth service, Samuel’s passion for acting remains strong.

The celebration of Pa James’ 66th birthday serves as a reminder of his lasting impact on the entertainment industry and the love he receives from his family and fans. It also highlights the enduring legacy of his comedic talent, which has been passed down to the next generation through his son, Samuel.

Happy 66th Birthday to Pa James!

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