Charles Inojie, the actor, recently shared a testimony of narrowly escaping death, which was captured on video.

Written by fazazy39

Charles Inojie, a prominent Nollywood actor, has found reasons to express his gratitude as once again, his life has been spared by a higher power.

Taking to his Instagram page, Charles Inojie shared his testimony, recounting a narrow escape from death.

He revealed that, by the grace of God, he narrowly avoided a potentially fatal incident, much to the disappointment of the devil.

“My tank fell on my usual spot, my favorite sitting spot. Again, God came through for me, to the devil’s utter disgrace,” the veteran actor shared.

Similarly, in February, Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare experienced a fire accident but emerged with a grateful heart.

Sharing her story on Instagram, the Yoruba movie star revealed that she had a terrifying encounter when her 25-liter petrol keg caught fire in her presence.

She described how the fire spread rapidly, despite attempts to extinguish it with water. However, she acknowledged that God intervened and protected her.

Although her neighbor’s window and DSTV dish were damaged, Yetunde expressed relief that her house was spared. She acknowledged that losing her home would have been a significant setback.

Overflowing with gratitude, Yetunde Bakare emphasized that the incident was not a minor one. She acknowledged God’s presence and expressed her unwavering faith in a living and loving God.

“I see you, GOD. That’s all I can say… Lord, I’m absolutely grateful. Trust me… it wasn’t something small, but GOD proved Himself. I serve a Living GOD. The fact that I held the keg while it caught fire before I flung it shows God loves me,” Yetunde joyfully proclaimed.

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